Amazon PS5 restock due tomorrow morning – 10,000 consoles up for grabs

Amazon is tipped for a huge PS5 restock from tomorrow, Tuesday 18th May, according to the widely-respected PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. 

“Amazon UK is usually 8-9am in the morning. Tuesday is the more likely day however, they have dropped on a Wednesday before,” reads the tipster’s latest tweet.

The online retail giant is said to be sitting on a shipment of 8000 – 10,000 PlayStation 5 consoles in the UK right now. It could be good news for those gamers trying to figure out where to buy a PS5.

Make sure you add the PS5 of your choice to your Amazon Wish List in advance – it should speed up the checkout process. Every millisecond counts when you’re up against scalpers and bots.

Amazon isn’t the only UK retailer tipped for a PS5 restock this week. High street favourite John Lewis is due to drop a (far smaller) batch of consoles at 4am BST any day between now and Friday 21st May.

Smyths Toys has also confirmed that it will release at least one more wave of PS5s before the end of this month.

PS5 drops are typically a mad scramble but with so many units rumoured to be up for grabs tomorrow, Amazon PS5 restock could be your best chance of getting a PS5 for a while.

There’s no quick fix to the situation due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, which has also affected the Xbox Series X. Just last week Sony’s Chief Financial Officer is said to have told investors the PS5 shortage could run in 2022.


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