BenQ TK810 4K DLP Projector Review

The BenQ TK810 is a new entry-level home cinema 4K single-chip DLP projector from the manufacturer, which uses the latest DMD chip from Texas Instruments. This implements a quadruple flash that tricks the eye into seeing an 8.3 million pixel image on the screen. The chip itself is actually 1920 x 1080 in resolution. However, using this technique it can give you a pseudo 4K image onscreen. This means that the TK810 can achieve a 4K-like image for significantly less cost than a native 4K projector. The TK810 is designed to be used in normal living rooms with some ambient light or with walls and ceiling that are a light colour. It aims to produce an image that can still be viewed in such rooms without too much washout. However, it should be noted that like all DLP projectors at this price point, the black floor is raised and it is probably not suitable for use in a Batcave dedicated cinema room. The BenQ TK810 is provided with a wireless transmitter which allows it to use screen mirroring on Apple and Android devices. There’s also an App Store with a number of video-on-demand applications as well as a USB 3.0 media player port on the rear of the projector for adding your own stored content playback through the projector. There is also ARC compatibility to feed audio back to your AV Receiver or you can use the built-in stereo speakers. As with all BenQ DLP projectors, you can also view 3D films with a suitable 3D Blu-ray player attached and the optional glasses (not provided). 3D playback is at the native 1080p resolution and not scaled to 4K. At just £1159 at the time of this review in April 2020, can the TK810 produce a good enough image for film enthusiasts for home cinema use? Read the full in-depth review – Read the owners thread at AVForums – 00:00 – Start
00:41 – What is the BenQ TK810?
02:35 – Design, connections and control
04:30 – Measurements
08:21 – Performance
11:29 – Verdict
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