Best Xbox Series X deals: where to pre-order the new Xbox

Xbox Series X preorders are now live… you might just have to do some work to find one. But, in theory, you can now pre-order Microsoft’s newest next-gen consoles – the Xbox Series X and digital Xbox Series S – ahead of the official launch date of 10th November. But with retailers selling out fast and stock now scarce, which stores are actually taking Xbox Series X and S pre-orders? Allow us to help.

Xbox Series X pre-orders went live on the 22nd September. The first batch of consoles sold out in the UK, US, Japan, Australia and most other regions. In fact, Amazon Japan sold out in just 20 minutes, while in the US, several online retailers crashed, preventing Xbox aficionados from adding the shiny new console to their shopping carts. 

The good news is that local retailers are expected to receive more stock soon. You’ll be able to grab a top-tier Xbox Series X console, which supports full-fat 4K gaming, for £449 ($499, AU$749). The all-digital Series S, which doesn’t have a disc drive, costs £249 ($299, AU$499). 

Want to get your hands on an Xbox in time for Christmas? You’ll need to act fast. Here’s todays best Xbox pre-order deals, plus the latest information on availability…

Best Xbox Series X/S pre-order deals UK

  • AO – Series X out of stock, Series S currently listed as available
  • Amazon – Series X out of stock, Series S currently listed as available
  • John Lewis – currently unavailable
  • Microsoft Store – currently out of stock, stock expected soon
  • Currys PC World – sold out, “working tirelessly” to secure more stock 
  • Argos – currently out of stock
  • GAME – sold out, more stock arrive soon, announced via Game’s Twitter feed
  • Smyths Toys – currently out of stock 
  • Simply Games – register your interest
  • Shotpo – sold out, register your interest

Best Xbox Series X/S pre-order deals US

  • Amazon – currently unavailable, register your interest
  • Target – sold out but check back soon, more stock on the way
  • Walmart – sold out but check back soon, more stock on the way
  • Gamestop – pre-orders live but currently unavailable

Best Xbox Series X/S pre-order deals AU

  • Amazon – pre-orders live but currently unavailable
  • Sony Australia – pre-orders live but currently unavailable
  • EB Games – pre-orders live but currently unavailable
  • JB HIFi – pre-orders live but currently sold out

Best Xbox Series X/S accessory deals

Best PS5 pre-order deals: where to pre-order your PS5

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Now that you’ve (hopefully) pre-ordered your Xbox Series X or S console, it’s time to get your accessories sorted. Thankfully, pre-ordering Xbox Series X accessories is a lot easier than securing the console itself. Most retailers have decent availability, so it’s really just a matter of choosing which ones take your fancy…

Xbox Series X Wireless Controller (£55, $60. AU$90)
Xbox One controllers are compatible with the Series X/S but the latest controllers feature a more precise D-pad, a “Share” button and textured grips. Most retailers have Carbon Black and Robot White colours there’s also a pricier Shock Blue variant.
Pre-order: Amazon (UK), Microsoft Store (US), Ebgames (AUS)

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable (£20, $25, AU$30)
This handy Play & Charge kit comes with a rechargeable battery and USB-C cable so you can juice up your new Series X controller between Call of Duty sessions.
Pre-order: Xbox Store (UK), Microsoft Store (US),  Ebgames (AUS) 

Seagate Storage Expansion Card 1TB (£159, $219, AU$359)
Want extra space for your 4K games collection? US retailer Best Buy has already started taking pre-orders for the 1TB expansion card, Smyths is expected to open UK pre-orders soon.
Preorder: Best Buy (US), Ebgames (AUS)

When will more Xbox Series X stock arrive?

Microsoft says its “humbled” by the excitement surrounding the launch of its next-gen console and says gamers can expect “more consoles to be available on November 10”. That’s launch day.

However, we expect more stock to filter onto the market. Retailers will likely receive stock or allocation at random times in the coming days and weeks, so the best thing to do is keep an eye on this page and check all the retailers listed. 

Some stockists offer you the option to register your interest, and will alert you when stock arrives. It’s also a good idea to follow retailers’ social media accounts. Game, for example, recently announced new PS5 stock via it’s Twitter page.

What’s all the excitement about? Well, when Xbox Series X and Series S launches this November it’s expect to herald a new generation of 4K game experiences. According to Microsoft, they’re the “fastest consoles ever”.


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