Christmas Gift Guide 2019: the best tech gift ideas for music and movie fans

While it may be a little early to crack open the eggnog, dust off your ‘NOW That’s What I Call Christmas’ CD and wrestle your eighteen-year-old tree down from the attic, the present purchasing period is already well and truly upon us! And with Black Friday deals just around the proverbial, now’s a great time to start getting your gifts of goodwill in order.

If you’re looking for a perfect pressie for the music or film fan in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next week or two, we at What Hi-Fi? be sharing almost 200 tech gifts that your friends and family are sure to love, so yule nail the art of gift-giving.

From sub-£20 stocking fillers to serious-money hi-fi and AV gifts that will dominate the space beneath your tree, this Christmas feast promises something for everyone and every budget. 

So, credit card at the ready, let’s get stuck in…

11 best Christmas stocking fillers

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The unofficial definition of stocking fillers: fun-size gifts and fun-size prices – which is exactly what our 11 suggestions are. From puny Bluetooth speakers to turntable slipmats to that compulsory mug that you place carefully in the middle of the stocking, this list will help you stuff your stocking with satisfaction.

10 best Christmas gift ideas under £50

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Looking for great gifts without emptying out your savings account? These tidbits are all under £50, but you’d never know it. From headphones and tablets to the USB-sized gadget you never knew you needed, here are ten gifts your loved one will be very happy to find under the tree.

8 best Christmas tech gift ideas £50-£100

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You really need to like someone to spend between £50 and £100 on them. No cop-out easy option box of chocs or bottle of booze here – this is an amount right in the sweet spot for ‘proper’ Christmas presents. And you can get more technology within it than ever before, with new screen-toting smart speakers sitting alongside What Hi-Fi? Award-winning DACs and earbuds. You don’t have to break the bank, or even the three-figure mark, with these nifty suggestions.

10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for gamers

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We’ve searched high and low for presents to put a smile on the face of the most hardcore gamer, particularly if they have a penchant for superior pictures or sound. From consoles and games to accessories such as gaming headphones and hard-drives, these are perfect presents for the pixel-obsessed.

10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for travel lovers

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Looking for gift ideas for the jet-setter in your life? Try these portable companions out for size. We’ve rounded up ten travel-savvy tech gifts for those always on the move, ranging from power banks to headphones to laptop backpacks, and including no less than six What Hi-Fi? 2019 Award winners.

11 best Christmas tech gift ideas for film fans

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A year’s film mag subscription for £30, one of the best 4K Blu-ray releases of late, and even a movie trivia game for that post-dinner slump in the living room – all part of our carefully curated list of gift ideas for anyone who’s made about the movies.

15 best Christmas tech gift ideas for vinyl lovers

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Even in a world where 4K TVs and thousand-pound smartphones have become the norm, there are still plenty of people who prefer the old-fashioned crackle of a record player needle on a vinyl LP. And if that’s you, or someone you know, this list, which features everything from turntables for humans (and, er, cats) to vinyl subscription services, will help you hunt down the perfect purchase. 

9 best Christmas tech gift ideas for sports and fitness fanatics

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You’ll probably know someone who either a) is a regular gym bunny, or b) has promised to become one come January. Perhaps you know someone who’s often glued to the TV during almost any sports fixture. If you’re subconsciously nodding your head right now, let us inspire your present buying with these ideal tech gift ideas, from a pair of sporty Bose headphones to the Apple Watch.

10 best Christmas tech gift ideas for smartphone obsessives

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We all know someone who’s obsessed with their smartphone, and the best Christmas gift for them is one that involves their beloved handset. So here’s 10 of them for you, including budget headphones, power banks, portable photo printers and phone-controlled paper airplanes.

10 best Christmas gift ideas for when money is no object

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If you have an audiophile in your life to treat, or think you’ve been so good this year you deserve to treat yourself this Christmas, here are 10 (very extravagant) ways to do it. Your budget hasn’t been considered as thoughtfully as the quality of our suggestions we’re afraid – this isn’t that kind of list. Some of the best headphones and hi-fi and home cinema kit we’ve tested this year are included, as are some old classics we can’t help but keep recommending.