Crestron Adds Crestron Flex MX, a New UCC Appliance for BYOD or Native Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms

Crestron Flex MX UCC ApplianceCrestron’s new Flex MX is a UCC appliance that offers both native and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capability. Crestron Flex MX allows companies to run native Microsoft Teams (UC-MX150-T) or Zoom Rooms (UC-MX150-Z) software or switch to BYOD mode for all other conferencing software. For organizations standardized on Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms, Flex MX delivers those native experiences, while guests can plug in their laptops and use whichever software they’re already running on their devices.

Features include:

  • HDMI and USB connectivity for content sharing and video conferencing
  • An intelligent camera with a 150° field of vision
  • 360° quad microphone array
  • Starts meetings with one-touch

Crestron Flex MX for Microsoft Teams (UC-MX150-T) will be available on May 22nd, 2020. Crestron Flex MX for Zoom Rooms (UC-MX150-Z) will be available in summer 2020.