Epson Unveils New Version of Its Projector Professional Tool

epson eppt

Epson announced a new version of its Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) Monday. The EPPT is a free software utility that helps users set up multiple Epson networked projectors in a large space. Version 1.3 provides support for macOS for the first time, in addition to Windows. This software offers access to the projection features built into the Epson Pro L-Series laser projectors, including geometric correction, edge blending, auto color calibration and screen matching.

Epson Projector Professional Tool features:

  • Control projectors without a remote, including lens shift, shutter and power; also allows for controlling multiple projectors at once
  • Intuitive operation allows for control of multiple networked projectors; projectors in the same network are automatically found and displayed
  • Allows for easy access to built-in tools in the Pro L-Series projectors including geometric correction and edge blending
  • Quickly adjust the brightness and color of networked projectors via their built-in cameras
  • Tiling assist — Helps deliver seamless multi-projector displays, making big screen projection a snap; currently available for the Epson Pro L20000UNL and Pro L12000QNL