FSR Smart-Way Raceway Adds In-Floor Capabilities

FSR Inc. Smart Way
FSR announced Thursday that its Smart-Way Raceway wire management system can now be used as an in-floor solution in addition to its original on-floor installation configuration. The system is the most cost-effective and easiest way to get power, data and AV across the room to where it’s needed — making it prime for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments or anywhere wire management is desired.

The new Smart-Way in-floor alternative comes complete with two pairs of edging that allow installation in or on any carpet, wood, tile or laminate flooring between .21 inch and .38 inch high without the need to purchase additional parts. A no-transition edging option is available in 3-foot lengths that allows two raceways to reside side-by-side for usage in any flooring .38 inch to .50 inch high. The raceway sections will now be available in 1- or 3-foot lengths with a three-part (1-foot, 2-foot, 3-foot) saw-less installation kit giving customers the flexibility to address their specific spatial requirements.

Also, FSR is expanding the Smart-Way raceway platform to now offer two-part tee fitting options that allow cables to change direction seamlessly and reach the required destination without any complications. Forty-five and 900 corners are available independently that don’t compromise the minimal bend radius of wire and add to the system’s flexibility. System compartments that previously provided ample space for power, communications and AV connectivity are upgraded with two-gang and three-gang extension covers for even more space for extra-deep gang products.

The Smart-Way is ADA-compliant and blends into any room’s decor with its slate gray or bright aluminum finishes. It further preserves the room’s aesthetics with a block cable pathway that can interface with a Smart-Way device box using FSR’s new mounting bracket. Cables can also now be routed from the underside of a table down to a Smart-Way device box.

The Smart-Way On-Floor and In-Floor Raceway Systems are both shipping now.