Google confirms Pixel 4a release date is 3rd August

Google has officially announced the launch date of its upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone. According to a teaser posted on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, tech fans should put a ring around the 3rd August. 

Naturally, Google didn’t explicitly say which phone(s) would be announced on the day, but since the Pixel 4a is already long overdue, it’s the prime suspect.

In a nod to the delay, Google’s teaser bills the Pixel 4a as: “The Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”. 

The Pixel 4a is set to be a more affordable take on Google’s flagship Pixel 4 range, with a 5.8in OLED screen, 12MP camera, 64MB of storage and the very latest version of Android.

The placeholder text above the headline provides a few clues as to how the smartphone will be marketed – you don’t need a degree in Latin to decipher ‘lowlightena capturum’ and ‘longlastingis batterum’. 

Google Pixel 4a will be officially unveiled on 3rd August

(Image credit: Google)

And the Google Store page looks ready to go live and start taking pre-orders, the second the August 3rd unveiling gets underway.

Google was originally due to unveil the phone in May this year, but it’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O, was cancelled in light of the coronavirus pandemic. We also heard rumours of a June launch, but the online-only announcement never materialised.

Now, it seems that Google is ready to take the wraps off its mid-market rival to the Apple iPhone SE

Prefer flagship phones? Google is set to launch its high-end Pixel 5 smartphone later this year too, which will compete with the Galaxy Note 20 and iPhone 12 when it comes to grabbing smartphone headlines.


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