LDA Audio Tech Releases New Series of Speakers for Public Address and Voice Evacuation Installs

lda audio tech new speakers

LDA Audio Tech has launched a new series of speakers marketed as “the most profitable option for public address and voice evacuation installations” worldwide. Aiming to make money for integrators, the range of certified speakers includes five models: acoustic projectors, ceiling speakers, and wall-mount and surface-mount speakers for small, medium, or large installations. All of them provide what LDA says is an “exceptional” sound pressure level (SPL) in any environment.

  • The CH-32TN model is a ceiling speaker for office environments, with a 3-inch and metal body for 70/100-volt lines — the small dimensions allow it to be installed in false ceilings with little depth. The CH-32TN has a fire protection dome and allows easy mounting thanks to its built-in springs. It offers 3-watt/1.5W/0.75W/0.375W @70V and 6W/3W/1.5W/0.75W @100V power taps.
  • The PCP-20TN, a 5” acoustic projector, anti-vandal and weatherproof. Housed in a fire-rated ABS V0 enclosure, it’s aimed at installations where the elements’ durability is key: transportation, outdoor, outdoor sports fields, etc. It includes 10W/5W/2.5W/1.25W @70V and 20W/10W/5W/2.5W @100V connections.
  • The CH-42TN ceiling speaker has a 6” driver and metal dome that provides the necessary protection for the circuit in case of an emergency. Its range of connections covers 3W/1.5W/0.75W/0.375W @70V and 6W/3W/1.5W/0.75W @100V.
  • The DS-60TN is a 5” surface speaker suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Its metal casing protects it from fire and vandalism while providing maximum ease of installation. It has 3W/1.5W/0.75W/0.375W @70V and 6W/3W/1.5W/0.75W @100V connections.
  • The PCM-20TN acoustic projector has a 5-inch driver in an aluminum case with a steel grille, making it a must-have item for demanding environments in terms of use and durability. It facilitates installation thanks to its adjustable tilt U-bracket and has connections of 10W/5W/2.5W/1.25W @70V and 20W/10W/5W/2.5W @100V.

The new models incorporate ceramic terminals and an isolation fuse to prevent the circuit’s failures to maximum integrity, reliability and safety.