More confusion over iOS 14.5 default music service for Siri

Apple has scotched rumours that iOS 14.5 beta allows users to set a new default music service, reports TechCrunch

Instead, Siri will learn your listening habits over time – taking note of which music streaming services you frequent. 

From time to time, Siri may ask you which music service you want to listen to. However, your choice won’t become the set-in-stone default. Apple also makes clear that you won’t find the iOS setting on your iPhone or iPad – you’ll have to wait for Siri to ask.

Confused? It seems the idea is to teach Siri to recognise the listening apps you want to use for different types of audio. For example, you might use Tidal to stream hi-res audio tracks, Apple Podcasts for, well, podcasts and Spotify for a friend’s party playlist. In that context, setting one “default” music service doesn’t make sense.

Apple made the first version of iOS 14.5 beta – it’s next operating system – available to developers on 1st February. Back then, we reported how a new Siri setting gave users the option to ditch Apple Music in favour of the likes of Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube Music and others.

Two weeks later, developers began to report that the feature had been pulled from the second version of iOS 14.5 – only for it to rise like a phoenix from the flames when version three landed.

If the idea of teaching Siri sounds familiar, it’s probably because Apple has already started to introduce a similar option for email and browser apps, making it easier for users to stray from the tech giant’s Mail and Safari apps.

Now that Apple has (finally) clarified how the tech works, it sounds rather promising. 

The launch of iOS 14.5 is pencilled in for this month, so there’s not long to wait. It’s due to bring a slew of upgrades including the ability to unlock your iPhone using an Apple Watch when wearing a mask, and the ability to use the latest PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers with the iPhone/iPad.


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