Panasonic GZ1500 4K OLED TV Review

The Panasonic GZ1500 4K OLED TV features the latest HCX Pro Intelligent Processor, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, HLG Photo and Dolby Vision HDR compatibility, along with a Dolby Atmos front-firing soundbar. It is a retailer exclusive available from John Lewis in the UK and costs £2299.99 at the time of this review in August 2019. The review sample was provided by Panasonic UK and is a finished retail production sample which was delivered in retail packaging. We will always be transparent about who supplies a TV for review and the supplier (whether it is the manufacturer, distributor or retailer) never has any influence or input into our reviews. We will never accept payment to review a product as we insist on complete independence in our reviewing.
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