Pink Floyd music quiz: can you name every Pink Floyd single ever released?

No bonus points for guessing the album that features this iconic artwork on its cover; this is a place for proper Pink Floyd fans. 

In fact, you’ll get no marks for being able to reel off every Floyd album in your vinyl collection, for this quiz focuses on the progressive rock band’s global single releases. And those span nigh on half a century, from 1967 to 2014. 

The rules: you’ve got ten minutes to recollect every track Pink Floyd released as a single – and not just in the UK or US, but around the globe too. You don’t need to answer chronologically. Want to reel off the obvious ones first? Be our guest – just click ‘Play’ below and start writing. When (and if) you need help, we’ve given the year that the single was released plus a big hint.

We dusted off some great Pink Floyd albums when writing clues for this quiz, but we were also surprised to see that some of our favourite Floyd tracks were never released as singles, even on B-sides. 

Have a go. Even if you hit The Wall, even if the answers seem Obscured By Clouds, even if you suffer A Momentary Lapse of Reason and the solutions seem to Meddle with your mind, you’ll have remembered some great songs from each of these remarkable albums – a veritable Saucerful of Secrets

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