Podcast: New TVs, Samsung Q800T Soundbar review, IFA latest, Movie and AV News, B+W Brad Pitt

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https://www.avforums.com/competitions/win-a-copy-of-1917-on-limited-edition-blu-ray-box-set.519 This week's star focus: What are your favourite Brad Pitt movies? 00:00:00 – Welcome
00:03:30 – Competitions
00:05:00 – Been to the pub?
00:07:00 – Cas watching Crying Freeman on 4K Blu-ray
00:12:45 – Ed's new phone – Oppo Find X2 Neo
00:16:38 – Steve watching The Mandalorian and reviewing the Samsung Q800T soundbar
00:23:10 – Phil at a Pony club meet and reviewing the Panasonic HZ2000 OLED
00:31:48 – Samsung pulling out of IFA 2020
00:37:30 – Cas picks best the streaming content for July and we redefine going off on a tangent
00:57:20 – Q&A
01:20:00 – Best and worst Brad Pitt
01:34:15 – Thank you and goodbyes Presented by Phil Hinton with Cas Harlow, Ed Selley and Steve Withers. Visit us at https://www.avforums.com
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