PS5 pre-order date tipped for 9th September

It seems PS5 pre-orders could begin in just two weeks. According to PS5 leaker @IronManPS5, the console will start pre-orders on 9th September – that’s two weeks tomorrow.

The rationale? That date will be 25 years to the day since the original PlayStation went on sale in the US. And since last year, Sony has been celebrating 25 years of PlayStation. (December 3rd 2019 was 25 years since the original console went on sale in Japan.)

There’s logic to it. But it’s not exactly concrete proof that 9th September is definitely the day.

The console is said to actually hit the shelves in late November, which would give Sony two months of pre-orders before the on-sale date. And there’s still no word on a price.

The PS5 will go head to head with Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series X. Both will launch this winter, both offer more power than ever before, and both have cheaper, disc-less digital-only versions to appeal to a wider audience.

We’ll bring you more rumours and official news on both consoles’ prices and release dates as soon as we have them.


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