Samsung cashback deal: claim up to £500 when you buy a 2021 Neo QLED TV

Samsung is offering up to £500 cashback to anyone who pre-orders one of its 2021 Neo QLED televisions, either from its website or a number of participating retailers including Richer Sounds, Currys and Sevenoaks.

While MicroLED remains the preserve of the super-rich for now, Samsung is bringing Mini LED tech to its premium QLEDs, which it refers to as ‘Neo QLEDs’.

Samsung explains that the majority of a typical LED’s size is made up of its protective packaging and light-guiding lens, both of which it’s done away with for its so-called ‘New LEDs’. Not only that, it’s also miniaturised the LEDs themselves, to quite astonishing effect.

The best Samsung Neo QLED cashback deals

Samsung QE85QN800A 8K HDR TV & £500 cashback £6999 at Richer Sounds
Achieve maximum resolution, maximum size and maximum cashback with this 85-inch 8K Neo QLED set. With HDR 2000, powered by HDR10+, Samsung promises startling contrast to complement that fine detail.View Deal

Samsung QE85QN95A 4K HDR TV & £500 cashback £5999 at Sevenoaks
Samsung’s top-end 4K Neo QLED will also come with £500 cashback when you go for the 85-inch version. Its Neo Quantum Processor uses Deep Learning algorithms to constantly update and improve the picture as you watch.View Deal

Samsung QE55QN85A 4K HDR TV & £200 cashback £1799 at Currys
The most cost-effective way to take advantage of Samsung’s Neo QLED technology is with this 55-inch 4K set. At £1799 it is among the most affordable sets, and betters the others with its £200 cashback offer.View Deal

Instead of a lens, Samsung’s New LED backlights use a new ‘micro layer’ that guides the light through the quantum dots (which provide the set’s colours). The result is apparently no light leakage or blooming, and because the New LEDs are so much smaller, significantly more of them can be packed in.

You can find out more about Neo QLED and the rest of the company’s range on our Samsung 2021 TV lineup page.

Cashback will be available from £100 to £500 dependent on the size of the set you order, going in £100 increments from 50-inch to 85-inch, with the offer live now until 4th May.

All you have to do is make your claim within 60 days of purchase from a participating merchant – which include a number of local stores as well as the usual national retailers – and the cashback is yours.


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