Save £50 on Sonos Play:1 as new One SL goes on sale

Now that the Sonos One SL has landed, its predecessor is going for a song. The veteran Play:1, which has been an entry-level staple in the brand’s multi-Award-winning multi-room line-up since 2013, is now available for just £119 in refurbished condition from the Sonos UK website.

A refurbed model just means it’s been used before, but Sonos has given it some maintenance so it should work like new.

Sonos Play:1 refurbished £170 £119 at Sonos
The black model is out of stock we’re afraid, so only the white model can be had at this price. It’s refurbished, but that shouldn’t make any difference to the performance as it should work as new. An absolute steal.View Deal

If you’d rather buy it new, the good news is you don’t have to splash out much more. You can pick a brand-new Play:1 up from Amazon for £134 – £15 cheaper than its previous price and some £35 cheaper than its launch price.

The Play:1 is a great little speaker, earning five stars in our review. And it has aged remarkably well, which will make this deal all the more tempting. 

It may now have a successor in the form of the newly announced One SL (which is identical to the Sonos One but without mics and Alexa voice control, and goes on sale today), but for those looking for dirt-cheap additions to their home’s Sonos ecosystem, the Play:1 is the only option below £179.

Sonos Play:1 £149 £134 at Amazon
If you’d rather buy a model fresh off the shelf and/or want the option of a black finish, this Amazon deal might be for you. It’s not quite as bargainous as the refurb model, but it’s still great value on one of the best entry-level smart speakers around.View Deal


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