Save almost 50% on PlayStation Plus 12-month membership

With millions in lockdown, online gaming is unsurprisingly experiencing an unprecedented boom. If you’re a PlayStation owner and want get in on the online multiplayer action, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership. And now is a great time to buy.

Sony charges £50 / $60 for a 12-month PS Plus membership – but there’s no need to pay that price because you can get it much cheaper elsewhere. 

Digital retailer CDKeys has slashed the price of a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership from £50 to £39.99 in the UK, and from $60 to just $31.98 in the US! 

Aside from allowing you to play PS4 online multiplayer games, PlayStation Plus membership gets you two free PS4 games each month (which you keep as long as you remain a member). This month’s selection is stellar: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and DiRT Rally 2.0.

At this point you might be thinking ‘where do I sign?’ – but hold on, we’re not finished yet. PS Plus also includes exclusive access to new character skins and weapons, 100GB of cloud storage and hefty discounts on new titles, add-ons and pre-orders.  

All of which means that, even if you’re a casual gamer, buying a PlayStation Plus membership could quickly pay for itself. 

There are shorter-term PlayStation Plus membership discounts, but this cracking 12 month deal from CDKeys offers the best value we’ve spotted.


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