SNA Displays Supplies Indoor Digital Displays for Bradley University

SNABradleySNA Displays provided three indoor digital displays for Bradley University’s newly developed Business and Engineering Convergence Center (BECC) in Peoria, Illinois. Management and installation of each of the new LED screens was coordinated by Conference Technologies, a provider of audiovisual, information technology and communications services.

The BECC offers 270,000 square feet of academic space, featuring 28 classrooms, eight computer labs, 46 specialized labs and 30 collaboration and meeting spaces. It has a real-time digital stock market ticker display around the atrium of the building and sleek classrooms enclosed with transparent glass.

SNA Bradley University 1

The $100 million building, which houses the Business and Engineering colleges, “will provide the emphasis of teaching and learning techniques, cutting edge research, and classroom collaborations for industry and community partners that will enable these two great colleges to lead the way as the ground continues to shift rapidly in higher education,” according to Bradley University President Gary Roberts in a late 2019 dedication ceremony before the new building was accessible to the public.

One LED video wall, from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT line of interior display products, was installed in a glass-enclosed classroom. The digital display employs a high-density 1.92-millimeter pixel pitch. The high-resolution screen is 4’5″ high by 31’6″ wide (702 x 4,992 pixels), giving the digital canvas more than 3.5 million pixels.

Two digital tickers were also installed as part of the BECC project. One ticker was placed above the same classroom’s video wall and also sports a 1.92-mm pixel pitch. The display is 1’6″ high by 14’5″ wide (234 x 2,288 pixels).

The other ticker, from SNA Displays’ BOLD product line, wraps around a corner on the outside of the classroom. It employs a 2.5 mm pixel pitch and is 1’6″ high by 53’10” wide (180 x 6,560 pixels).