SnapAV Intros ‘Partner Pledge’ Program

snapav partner pledge

SnapAV introduced its “Partner Pledge,” an enterprise-wide initiative with a goal to amplify the company’s ongoing efforts and investments across the business, including product quality, partner support, purchasing experience, and more.

SnapAV says that over the last three years, it and Control4 have invested millions of dollars in new product quality initiatives, including upgrades to quality labs with significant additions to test equipment and personnel.

In Q3 2020 the company retained an unbiased industry quality expert to audit the company’s entire quality system. “The independent consulting firm gave us high marks,” said Jeff Dungan, EVP operations. “Nonetheless, we jointly identified some areas for further improvement and the company is investing more than $1 million in new quality initiatives, both domestically and internationally just this year.”

SnapAV CEO John Heyman said: “Our partners run just-in-time businesses and therefore need and expect rapid access to our products, people and services — when and where they want. We continue to add local branches, so partners get faster access to products, people and services.”

In 2021, Heyman said SnapAV is also investing heavily in its eCommerce sites and loyalty programs.

“We are taking the industry’s best websites and most rewarding programs to new heights,” said Heyman. “Our pledge is to be not only our Partners’ most preferred vendor, but their most beloved and trusted vendor as well.”

According to Heyman, “This is just the beginning of our Partner Pledge. Over the coming weeks and months, we will share progress as we continue to raise the bar in our pursuit of excellence.”