Sony PlayStation has big plans for mobile gaming

Sony wants to take a slice of the lucrative mobile gaming market – by bringing some of its most popular PlayStation franchises to your smartphone. 

A job advertisement (spotted by Eurogamer) for Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios asks the successful applicant to “focus on successfully adapting PlayStation’s most popular franchises for mobile”. 

The ad goes on to reveal that the Head of Mobile will be responsible for a three- to five-year strategy, so this is clearly a long-term play. There’s no word which games are headed to phones and tablets but The Last of Us, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Gran Turismo are said to be in the frame. 

If it all sounds vaguely familiar that could be because, back in 2016, Sony announced a major assault on the mobile gaming space. In the intervening years PlayStation Mobile, Inc. has released a handful of apps, including Run Sackboy! Run!, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and an AR version of God of War. 

Not a bad showing – but perhaps Sony has been eyeing up the success of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run. The iOS app is said to have racked up sales of $70million in its first month alone. Perhaps Sony wants to see its mobile strategy take off on a similar trajectory?

It’s no secret that Sony’s movie division has suffered due to the closure of cinemas during the pandemic but its PS5 has been a huge hit, shifting over 4.5million units in its first three months to become the most successful home games console in history. Now could be a good time for Sony to take its most popular titles mobile.


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