S&V Poll: 4 in 10 Plan to Buy an 8K TV

In 8K: The Next Big Thing in Home Entertainment, Chris Chinnock, executive director of the 8K Association (8KA), makes the case for 8K even though programming is scarce and will likely remain so for some time. “We now have artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted upscaling image restoration technologies that can make lower resolution images [including 4K and standard HD] look extraordinary on an 8KA Certified TV,” he says. “Plus, 8K TVs represent the best that TV brands have offer with the most up-to-date sound, image processing, and user interfaces.”

We wanted to bring S&V readers into the conversation so we asked a simple question: “Do you plan to buy an 8K TV?”

Almost four in ten respondents (38%) plan to buy an 8K TV now (10%) or when “set prices come down and 8K programming is available” (28%). Another one in three (28%) have no current plans but will “reconsider when 8K programming becomes widely available,” which is still at least a few years away. Then there are those (33%) who have no plans to buy an 8K TV “now or in the immediate future.”

In the comments section, reader “Old Ben” thinks “8K is past the point of diminishing returns” and wants more detail on how 8K outperforms 4K in terms of “pixel quality” and the reduction in digital artifacts Chinnock mentioned in the interview. Others chimed in to support this position.

At the other end of the spectrum, one reader pointed to price as a key factor in buying an 8K TV and another, who has been waiting for an affordable big-screen 4K OLED TV, now thinks 8K might be worth the wait. “Just recently it seemed as if progress was centered around processing rather than panel but now I think it’s both,” he wrote.

Here’s a rundown of the poll results:

  • 33% – I have no plans to buy an 8K TV now or in the immediate future.
  • 28% – Yes, but I will wait until set prices come down and 8K programming is available.
  • 28% – I have no plans to buy an 8K TV but will reconsider when 8K programming becomes widely available.
  • 10% – Yes! I’m eager to take advantage of the new features and capabilities state-of-the-art 8K TVs bring to the table.

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