Technology Meets Cannabis: Solutionz Brings the Wow Factor to HerbNJoy Retail Stores

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With the expertise of Solutionz, Inc., cannabis retailer HerbNJoy has differentiated itself in California markets using state-of-the-art BrightSign technologies. 

Being experts in digital signage, the Solutionz team listened carefully to HerbNJoy CEO, Jeff Linden, describe his vision of leveraging digital signage to benefit HerbNJoy customers. After asking key questions, Solutionz demonstrated the power of BrightSign technologies for realizing Jeff’s interactive vision—multiple 2×2 video walls powered by BrightSign digital signage media players connected to BrightSign Network, BrightSign’s cloud management platform for digital signage networks, and Bluefin touchscreens controlling the experience.


On their first call with Jeff, the Solutionz team was able to quickly pull up a past project that showed Jeff the on-demand capabilities that BrightSign players are capable of and impressed him with how closely the example matched his own vision. 

Solutionz installed Bluefin touchscreen displays with built-in BrightSign players on podiums supplied by HerbNJoy. Prior to shipping from the Solutionz integration labs, the BrightSign players were connected to BrightSign Network, BrightSign’s cloud service that allows content updating from anywhere there is an internet connection. HerbNJoy installed multiple 2×2 video walls configured using four 65” displays each. Solutionz connected Datapath video wall controllers to split video across the four displays. The BrightSign players plus JBL amplifiers provide audio and connect to speakers mounted into the podiums. When asked about the functionality of the BrightSign players, Jeff says, “They are very robust!” Jeff and his staff have found BrightSign solutions to be dependable and flexible and have had no technical difficulties reported. 


Jeff Linden knew that his vision of a technology-supported WOW factor would be the differentiator to bring customers into his stores and increase customer engagement, ensuring repeat business. True to his prediction, customers often comment on their surprise and delight when they walk into the exciting space and often return with their friends to enjoy the high-tech shopping experiences. 

Allowing customers to use touchscreens to display specific product information is an engaging educational experience. The highly trained staff uses the BrightSign platform to illustrate products while making recommendations. This sense of discovery fostered by technology increases the volume of sales per customer as people learn more about the variety of products available. Unique customer experiences tailored to individual interests have built strong customer loyalty and greatly reduced the need for marketing dollars, validating HerbNJoy’s high ROI on technology investments. 


Jeff says that technology greatly enhances the customer experience. He encourages businesses shopping for technology solutions to know what they want going in and to find the right integrator to bring the vision to life. 

Jeff acknowledges some of the benefits of working with Solutionz are professionalism, courtesy, responsiveness, flexibility, and certainly, expertise. “They listen and they follow up. They don’t try to sell me something that I don’t want. They make suggestions and sometimes I take them and sometimes I don’t.” Jeff said that even when he doesn’t take Solutionz’s suggestions, they still add value because he gets perspective he would not otherwise have. Jeff continues, “They follow up to make sure that things happen on time.” Sometimes Jeff needs to slow down an installation based on permitting or other delays and he appreciates the flexibility that Solutionz offers him. 

When asked about his relationships with Solutionz and BrightSign, Jeff said, “It’s been so good. Now, as we expand stores, I get to weave in new experiential elements. The system designed by Solutionz is flexible enough to allow me to do that. At every store I get a little more creative. It’s on a platform and with a team that I can trust to support that.” Solutionz and BrightSign are looking forward to partnering with Jeff and his team as they grow far into the future!