The best PS4 and Xbox One deals ahead of Black Friday 2019

As the days get longer and, fingers crossed, warmer, now’s the time to put your shorts on, grab a beer from the fridge… and just carry on gaming. 

If you’re in the market for a console upgrade, you’ve got a few options when it comes to picking the best PS4 and Xbox One deals. The PS4 and Xbox One S are a little older so they tend to be cheapest deals, while the 4K capable PS4 Pro and Xbox One X occupy slightly higher price points and slimmer savings.

It’s all about bundles these days, too, so whichever you go for, expect the offers to include an extra game or two as part of a package. And with Black Friday around the corner, we think there’ll be some serious bargains in the offing.

You can pick up an Xbox One S Digital Edition plus three games for under £200 now. An Xbox One X with a game can be yours for around £430, with the console alone now as cheap as £352. Or if you’re a Sony fan then the PS4 with a FIFA 20 is £244, while you can add £100 or so to that price when it comes to the PS4 Pro.

In terms of retailers there are plenty of options, including many of the usual suspects: Argos, Game, Currys, John Lewis, Amazon and all tend to have something to offer.

PS4 and PS4 Pro deals

Best PS4 bundle deals 2019

Best PS4 Pro bundle deals 2019

Xbox One S and Xbox One X deals

These deals are what’s hot right now, with a mixture of console only and console plus game(s) bundles. 

Best Xbox One S bundle deals 2019

Best Xbox One X bundle deals 2019

Xbox One X 1TB for £352

This Xbox One X comes with the standard wireless controller and gets you gaming for a rock bottom price. The 1TB storage is ideal for letting you download a new game to get playing right away. Not bad at this discounted price, then.View Deal