Xbox Series X games showcase: 5 big questions left unanswered

Well, we now know a bit more about the games you’ll be able to play on the upcoming Xbox Series X. Xbox’s recent games showcase revealed 22 console launch exclusives and five new games made for the console by Microsoft’s own Xbox Game Studios. All of these games will also be available through the Xbox Game Pass.

Highlights include the next installment of Halo, Halo: Infinite, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, State of Decay 3, Crossfire X, Tetris Effect and Forza Motorsport. Xbox even teased a reboot of the much-loved Fable franchise.

It was great to get a look at the upcoming titles which will be available for the Xbox Series X when it goes on sale during Holiday 2020, but we were still left with a number of questions about the new Xbox.

1. Where is the Xbox Series S?

We know a lot of details about the Xbox Series X, but what about its rumoured sister console, the Xbox Series S? If online reports are to be believed, it appears as though gamers will be able to choose between a full-fat Series X, complete with 4K Blu-ray drive, and a cheaper disc-less console, the Series S. Leaked documents appeared to point to the existence of the Series S and Eurogamer has recently reported that we could see the console launch in August, but we haven’t heard anything official from Xbox.

During the recent games showcase Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Games, did mention that there would be more to share later this year, which points to yet another games showcase to hype up the Xbox Series X launch. Fingers crossed we hear more about the Series S then.

2. How much will the Xbox Series X cost?

Another Xbox Series X event has passed, but we’re no closer to learning the price of the next-generation Xbox console. Current speculation has the Xbox Series X price sitting around the £450/$450 mark, but nobody knows for definite. And then there’s the question of the Xbox Series S and how its pricing could fit into the equation. We assume this version of the console will come in around £100/$100 lower, but a lot of this is speculation based on previous Xbox console launches.

3. What is the Xbox Series X launch date?

All signs point to a Holiday 2020 launch for the Xbox Series X. This means it will probably arrive around the same time as the Sony PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, but we still don’t have a definitive date. Throw in the possibility of an Xbox Series S and we could have two Xbox consoles hitting shelves around the same time as two PS5s. It could be console carnage!

4. How will Xbox Series X games look in 8K?

The recent games showcase revealed more details on Xbox Series X titles playable native 4K with high frame rates, such as Destiny 2: Beyond Light (4K/60 frames per second) and Forza Motorsport (4K/60fps). But, we’re still to hear anything from the Xbox camp (or PS5 camp, for that matter) that relates to the console’s purported 8K gaming abilities. Given this was one of the big selling points made when the console originally launched, we’re starting to wonder whether 8K gaming will ever get another mention?

5. What Xbox Series X accessories will be available at launch?

PlayStation announced a whole line-up of PS5 accessories at its June showcase, including a dedicated Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD camera, media remote and charging station for its controllers. But, we’re still none the wiser as to what will arrive with the new Xbox console, apart from its revamped controller.

We do know that Bang & Olufsen is joining forces with Microsoft for a “new Xbox Series X” audio proposition, which we assume is a premium gaming headset or even a wireless speaker. Would you want to see a next-gen version of the Kinect and its 1080p camera? Hopefully, we’ll find out more during the next Xbox Series X showcase which will hopefully be in August.


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