22Miles Will Be Natively Integrated into Cisco Webex Rooms and Devices Allowing for Digital Signage Content

22miles cisco webex

If you are a Cisco Webex user, you will love this as 22Miles has announced a partnership with Cisco to provide integration of 22Miles’ version 6 of its PublisherPro.AIoT software platform, with Cisco’s suite of UCC tools. With this comes the introduction of the 22Miles bot, a virtual publishing manager that empowers Webex teams with dynamic integration, enabling moderators and publishers to drive targeted, multi-channel content into digital display distribution.

The 22Miles system enables the spectrum of Cisco collaboration tools to integrate and manage corporate communications when not invoked in collaborative sessions. With 22Miles custom signage mode enabled, Webex integration delivers a full digital signage experience, supporting both passive and interactive digital signage capabilities. Users may watch live or recorded video, view presentations, web content and book meeting rooms.

The Cisco Webex Board and Room Series devices integration facilitates the display of information on digital signage displays both in active and in idle mode. With setup of an easy-use integrated browser, users can view important on-screen information, watch live or recorded video, view presentations, web content or book a meeting room directly from their device. Additionally, the Cisco Room-Kit boasts several new advancements including density controls in huddle rooms and other dynamic features that complement the PaaS suite and focus of 22Miles.

This is a video of how the software works for room booking: