Amazon Prime Video’s new shuffle feature finds you something to watch

Amazon Prime Video has added a shuffle feature that lets you watch a show’s episodes in a non-linear order. Hit it, and the order will be randomised, instead of following the logical narrative.

Why would you want to do that? A lot of shows (like sitcoms) don’t have overarching narratives – rather they are self-contained stories that don’t rely on context. Hit Shuffle and you can dip into one without having to trawl through loads of episodes to try and pick one.

The feature is coming via an update to the Android app, according to Android Police, but presumably will roll out to other versions of the Prime Video app soon. However, at the moment, it only lets you shuffle episodes from within a single season, so you still have to decide whether you want one from the pre- or post-new-Aunt-Viv era of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Netflix is working on a similar feature, although its version picks a show based on your viewing history. A global rollout is planned “soon”.


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