Best Black Friday gaming TV deals 2020: get a 120Hz TV for less

So, you managed to get hold of a PS5 or Xbox Series X, did you? You lucky so and so. But now you’re realising that your existing TV, very nice though it may be, isn’t quite cutting the mustard and doesn’t have all of the features necessary to take full advantage of your new console. Time for an upgrade.

Of course, having just forked out for a next-gen games machine, you can’t now afford to waste money. You want the best, but you also want it at the best price, and that’s why you’re hunting for the best Black Friday gaming TV deals.

That’s where we come in. We scour the web daily to find the best possible prices on the best kit there is, and now we’re using that expertise to find the biggest deals on perfectly specced gaming TVs.

What are those specs that we’re looking for? The big one is 4K@120Hz, which is new technology that’s built into both the PS5 and Xbox Series X and makes games smoother and more responsive than ever before. It requires special panels, processing and connections, so is still very rare.

VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) is a big deal, too, as that smooths gameplay even further. ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) is also nice to have. PS5 doesn’t currently support either of these features, but we know that VRR is definitely on the way and you’ve got to hope that ALLM follows. Xbox Series X already supports both.

Crucially, every TV below supports all of these features, so you can buy knowing that every next next-gen gaming base is covered. Unfortunately, that does mean you’re looking at quite premium TVs, although the discounts make them more affordable than you probably expect. Small TVs are out, though: we’re only aware of one TV under 55 inches that supports all of the gaming features we’ve mentioned.

And if you’re wondering why this is a three-horse race featuring just LG, Samsung and Sony, it’s because they’ve fully embraced gaming and there rivals have not. At least not yet.

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The very best Black Friday gaming TV deals

48-inch gaming TV deals

LG OLED48CX 48-inch OLED TV £1499 £1479 at Richer Sounds
Ok, so a £20 discount isn’t usually something to shout about, but the 48-inch CX is literally the only TV smaller than 55 inches that supports 4K@120Hz. It features VRR and ALLM, too, and it’s a great TV to boot. This is the set to buy if you want the best gaming experience but can’t go massive.View Deal

55-inch gaming TV deals

The ultimate 55-inch gaming TV

LG OLED55CX OLED TV £1799 £1299 at Richer Sounds
The 48-inch CX above is great if space is tight but, if you’ve got the room, this 55-inch version makes much more sense. It’s everything its smaller sibling is only more cinematic and immersive, and it’s cheaper, too. If you’re looking for the best gaming TV out there, this is it. Unless, that is, you’ve can stretch to the 65-inch version.View Deal

Samsung QE55Q80T QLED TV £1599 £899 at Sevenoaks
Arguably the best TV deal of 2020, the 55-inch Q80T is close to half-price. It’s one rung down for Samsung’s flagship 4K model but it costs significantly less while still packing in all of those next-gen gaming features. A serious bargain.View Deal

Sony KD-55XH9005 LCD TV £1295 £899 at John Lewis
Admittedly, we haven’t tested this TV as this particular size, but we liked the 65-inch model so much that we gave it an Award, and we’ve no reason to think this 55-inch version won’t be just as good. It’s Sony’s ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TV, and boasts support for all of the gaming features we’re after.View Deal

65-inch gaming TV deals

The ultimate 65-inch gaming TV

LG OLED65CX OLED TV £2799 £1799 at John Lewis
The 65-inch version LG’s superb CX has been discounted even more than its 55-inch sibling above. In fact, you can now save a truly amazing £1000 on its original price! It’s a brilliant performer that improves on the excellent C9 from 2019 in a number of areas, and it’s got all of the feature you need for next-gen gaming, such as 4K@120Hz support and VRR.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q80T QLED TV £2299 £1299 at Richer Sounds
We’ve not tested the 65-inch version of the Q80T, but we’ve little reason to believe that it’s any less capable than its brilliant smaller sibling. It certainly has all of the same impeccable gaming credentials, and it’s had an even bigger discount. This looks like a great option if you can’t stretch to the LG CX.View Deal

Sony KD-65XH9005 LCD TV £1499 £1099 at Sevenoaks
When we reviewed this TV it wasn’t nearly as ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ as the marketing suggested, but we still gave it five stars and bestowed upon it one of our prestigious Awards. A firmware update has now added all of the gaming features it was originally missing, so it’s a great gaming TV as well as simply a great TV.View Deal

77-inch gaming TV deals

LG OLED77CX OLED TV £4999 £3399 at Peter Tyson
If you’re looking for the true ultimate gaming TV, this is likely it. It takes all of the features and abilities of the smaller CX models and stretches them out to a truly immersive and cinematic 77 inches. And the bigger the TV, the bigger the discount: you can save a whopping £1600 on this TV right now.View Deal