Communications Design Associates and Telemanagement Resources International Partner for Consultation to Enterprise, Design Clients

CDA TRI Alliance

Communications Design Associates (CDA) and Telemanagement Resources International (TRI) have teamed to provide high-level, expert consultation to enterprise clients and design partners. This union delivers guidance surrounding workplace evolution and technology use beyond reentry protocol and provides quantifiable future benefits.

Driving this initiative is CDA Principal Michael Goldman, a global integration, enterprise AV, UC&C and building control & automation solutions frontrunner, and Dr. S. Ann Earon of TRI, a foremost authority on conferencing and collaborative communications worldwide. For over 35 years Dr. Earon has been a well-respected speaker, advisor and author, having helped many global companies to improve implementation and use of technology, and in turn, increase productivity, revenue and profits. Joining Goldman’s and Earon’s counsel will be CDA Founding Principal, Stewart Randall, a highly regarded designer and educator, well-known for his expertise in AV, video production and facility planning. This CDA/TRI alliance represents an extremely deep knowledge base of unquestionable value to companies striving to implement change and realize success beyond initial workplace reentry moves.

“So much emphasis is being placed on the mechanics of returning to work and corporate office re-occupancy right now,” said Goldman. “We see a real need to address returning to work at several additional levels, most importantly relating to user experience, technology adoption and performance success, long-term. We’re addressing considerations that aren’t part of the initial back-to-work plan, and taking a 360° look at the challenges that businesses are facing, and providing forward-looking strategies and solutions through technology and space that will help them to thrive during and after Covid-19.”

CDA/TRI services include Facility Review, Repurposing and Design; Enterprise Reentry Planning; Hybrid Strategies and Monitoring Solutions; Best-Choice Technology Recommendations (playbook); and User Adoption and Training programs. Engagement will be fluid and tailored around the individual needs and goals of each client/end-user entity.