Incheon Global Campus Chooses Ross for Studio Upgrade

IGC Students 1020 c

Ottawa, Canada, October 26th 2020 – In the increasingly competitive world of further education, Incheon Global Campus (IGC) in Korea stands out because it has turned the traditional model of a university campus on its head. IGC is a national project established by the Korean government and Incheon Metropolitan City to nurture next generation of global leaders in the fields of education, economics, industry, culture and arts. With an investment of US$ 1 Billion, the global campus will eventually host ten of the world’s prestigious universities, with each student studying at IGC to earn the same degree as their counterparts at their ‘home’ campus.

Given IGC’s focus on the arts, the in-house TV studio has been a popular asset used to create campus news shows, as well as entertainment and drama shows as part of student courses. With technology changing and IGC expanding, however, the team looking after the studio decided late last year that the time was right for a refurbishment, and Ross was brought in to advise. After a thorough consultation and planning exercise, the final solutions list was agreed, and the results rival anything to be found in a broadcast studio or university facility anywhere in the world. IGC chose a full Ross package that comprises the Carbonite production switcher, XPression graphics platform, Tria+ production server, Cambot camera motion system, Inception newsroom computer system and Streamline media asset management, with the entire system being automated by the OverDrive solution from Ross. Configuration and control is handled via DashBoard touchscreen panels, custom-built for the team at IGC.

“We are incredibly pleased with the final project,” notes Hyunmin Lee, Manager of the IGC Foundation. “This is now a one-stop production environment that helps campus students and users improve their operational efficiency. This has been our first experience of Ross products but we set out to follow the standards and production processes used by famous broadcast stations in the USA (and other universities) so Ross has been the right choice. I’d particularly recommend the Inception NRCS system – it enables many people to work on the news at the same time, so we can divide up our jobs and work efficiently while also expanding our capabilities. We are continuing to learn the possibilities of the system and it’s very satisfying to see the quality of our shows improving every week.”

Mark Cooke, Director of Sales for Asia, also sees an increasing focus on competitiveness in the education sector. “Further education institutions are having to work harder to attract students and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the media industry. Outdated products and last generation technologies are not good enough – colleges and universities need to train students using the latest platforms and toolsets, and we’re delighted to be supporting IGC in this respect.”