Menahga Public School District Trusts BenQ RP Series Interactive Flat Panels to Set Successful Course for the Future

Cloud-Enabled Education IFPs Replace District’s Aging Whiteboards, Delivering Advanced Learning Built for Freedom of Instruction, Powerful Collaboration, and Simple Maintenance

COSTA MESA, Calif. Oct. 22, 2020 BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, is preparing the students of Menahga Public School District in Minnesota for the future. Upon completion of the district’s new high school, BenQ’s RP Series Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) were selected as the new display standard for the district to replace the obsolete whiteboards previously used in the classrooms and to strengthen its e-learning initiative.

“We liked what the IFP category offered, but it was the features of BenQ that really sold us,” said Brian Krause, the district’s technology integrationist. “Comparing them to different manufacturers, they were able to do more and were more affordable. They checked every box. With BenQ, we knew this was the direction we wanted to take the district.”

When the district opened the doors to its new high school, it wanted an IFP solution that was both student- and teacher-centric. BenQ’s RP Series delivered. The district selected the 86-inch 4K UHD RP860K. The IFPs cater to everyone, from those who have basic skills to advanced users, and give teachers unparalleled flexibility. To operate the IFPs, they have the option to simply connect their laptop, desktop, or iPad via HDMI and USB cable, or they can cast to the screen wirelessly from any device.

Built around BenQ’s EZWrite platform, the RP Series’ fine infrared technology offers a smoother, more accurate handwriting experience. Handwriting recognition instantly converts written letters, numbers, forms, and objects into legible digital text. The screen also features up to 20 points of touch, making it perfect for group activities and games. Users can also annotate over anything, save annotations, and drop them into cloud storage for later use. This gives teachers the ability to follow a preplanned lesson or spontaneously tailor content for better comprehension. With EZWrite’s screen capture feature, users can capture all — or just part — of the screen. Teachers also can record lessons and any screen annotations to their Google Classroom. The IFPs also provide users with a variety of classroom and collaboration apps, including Blizz by TeamViewer for creating a hybrid teaching environment via the popular video conferencing tool.

The IFPs come equipped with BenQ’s InstaShare wireless presentation application, which is designed for seamless lecture presentation and collaboration. InstaShare enables students and groups to collaborate and wirelessly present their work from any device. The app shares up to four devices simultaneously on the IFP so students can compare, contrast, and explore ideas together. In addition, with two-way mirroring, students can view what the teacher is doing directly from their device, whether it’s an iPad, Chromebook, or Windows laptop.

The final priority for Menahga was support. BenQ, in conjunction with Authorized Direct Dealer Partner (DDP) BG Innovations, worked tirelessly to make installation and setup a breeze for the school and to ensure Menahga’s staff and teachers felt comfortable and ready to use their IFPs at every opportunity. In addition, BenQ’s built-in Device Management System (DMS) and Account Management System (AMS) tools help IT and tech staff members continuously and effortlessly maintain and monitor the IFPs. With DMS, all IFPs are updated, powered off or on, and can be a platform for issuing public announcements remotely. The AMS allows schools to create user-specific account settings where teachers can quickly access their files and settings directly from the IFP.

“Technology in the classroom has shown to do wonders for learning. However, teachers don’t have time to be trained on complex systems or wrestle with multiple steps to integrate them into their plans,” said Carly Burton-Sallay, digital marketing manager at BenQ America Corp. “Our RP Series was designed for education so that teachers can walk in and get started right away with all the best tools and their learning materials right at their fingertips. Menahga Public School District chose our solutions for the wealth of innovative features and affordability, which will be key for quickly mobilizing successful e-learning initiatives for virtual schools and hybrid classrooms.”