Panasonic HZ2000 OLED TV Review: The best OLED for movie viewing in 2020

The Panasonic HZ2000 is the company’s new flagship 4K OLED TV and incorporates the latest customised Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel. Other new features include Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, Dolby Vision IQ and improvements to the Calman auto-calibration software. The HZ2000 is available in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes. Support us with regular donations via our Patreon campaign at Or make a one-off donation at
Your donations help us to improve the website and publish more editorial and videos. The Panasonic HZ2000 retains all the features from the GZ2000, with support for 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) with wide colour gamut (DCI-P3/Rec.2020) and high dynamic range (HDR10, HDR10+, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision). It also includes the same HCX Pro Intelligent processor and the built-in upwards firing Dolby Atmos speakers. The HZ2000 uses the latest version of Panasonic’s customised Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel which has been engineered to deliver up to an extra 20 percent of peak brightness compared to regular OLED TVs. Average brightness levels have also been increased significantly and contrast handling improved, resulting in increased dynamic range. Heat is dissipated by the design of the heatsink attached to the rear of the panel, which helps with the increase in brightness and helps reduce any risk of image retention. The HZ2000 also includes Filmmaker Mode, but Panasonic adds its own Intelligent Sensing feature. This uses sensors in the TV to detect the ambient lighting conditions in the room and dynamically adjusts the picture accordingly. This then matches the impression of viewing the content in an ideal darkened environment even if you are sitting in a well-lit living room so viewers will see all the details the content creator intended, even in very dark scenes. Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing supports content in HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, and SDR. Panasonic has also included the Dolby Vision IQ feature, which extends the benefits of Dolby Vision beyond HDR using dynamic metadata and the light sensor to intelligently optimise the picture quality by informing the TV what type of content is being shown to ensure images are displayed exactly as they should be so colours and details are not lost, regardless of lighting conditions. Panasonic has added expanded calibration options that allow viewers to control more aspects of their viewing experience, with the transitions out of black adjusted to even higher levels of precision by the inclusion of the first calibration points at 0.5% and 1.3%. Viewers will also, for the first time on Panasonic TVs, be able to calibrate Dolby Vision content using Portrait Display’s Calman software. In terms of audio features, the HZ2000 uses upward-firing speakers and a forward-firing soundbar that are tuned by Technics and which feature the proprietary JENO Engine to deliver what Panasonic calls 360° Soundscape Pro. Dolby Atmos compatibility adds to the immersive effect allowing the multiple built-in speaker units to produce a spatial soundstage with appropriate Atmos content. The HZ2000 uses the latest iteration of Panasonic’s smart TV OS, My Home Screen 5.0, with new features such as presenting thumbnails of featured content to make choosing a TV show or movie a more intuitive affair. The HZ2000 also has Freeview Play with all the terrestrial TV catch-up apps available, along with VOD services from Netflix, Prime Video and more. The HZ2000 is one of the most expensive OLED TVs released in 2020 so can it justify the cost versus the performance on offer? Let’s find out. Visit us at
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