Pearl Media and Bottega Veneta Team Up for New York Fashion Week

pearl media bottega veneta

Pearl Media worked with luxury goods and high fashion brand Bottega Veneta to devise a plan to bring the new Bottega Veneta: Men collection directly to fashion-minded New Yorkers.

When the Italian fashion house wanted to project its new collection beyond the virtual runway, it turned to Pearl’s Marketing and Operation Teams to help deliver maximum impact, taking their creations off the small screen and placing them into the physical world in a larger than life-size display. The result was a colorful pop-up projection advertising program displayed at several locations around Manhattan during New York Fashion Week.

“Projection advertising is a large, hyper-targeted Digital Out-of-Home format that’s flexible and extremely valuable to brands,” said Josh Cohen, president/CEO of Pearl Media. “With full motion HD this eye-catching media allows brands to surprise, delight and engage with customers while producing thousands of impressions at multiple locations and markets simultaneously,” added Cohen.

Over the course of one night during Fashion Week, Pearl Media projected three separate pieces of Bottega Veneta-produced video content at locations targeting fashion forward customers in Chelsea, Soho and the West Village. The videos were excerpts from a larger piece by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, who frequently collaborates with the design house, and Bottega Veneta Creative Director Daniel Lee which showcased UK based actors, entertainers and musicians clad head to toe in clothes from the new Bottega Veneta: Men collection. For the pop-up advertising program short videos featuring Irish actor Barry Keoghan, Swedish singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry and French-British rapper Octavian were projected against blank walls at each location for several hours.

Here’s a video showing you how the campaign looked:

PEARL Bottega Venetta Video POP from Pearl Media on Vimeo.

For the Bottega projection Pearl Media used large venue laser projectors, deploying three teams for the multilocation program. “We typically ask the client to provide creative in both portrait and landscape format, so we have the flexibility to project against various building surfaces and sizes,” said Jen Almeida, chief operating officer at Pearl Media. “The Bottega Veneta projection was seamless. As soon as the sun went down the crews fired up the projectors, the content went up and people started whipping out their cell phones to capture the digital fashion moment and post to social media,” added Almeida.

Projection advertising has long been a staple in the Pearl Media solutions toolkit. “For the last decade, Pearl has produced the highest quality, large format brand projections while executing hundreds of campaigns for the world’s best brands,” said Cohen. In 2019 Pearl helped several brands in different markets take advantage of the platform including Converse in Los Angeles, Kraken in San Diego, Pepsi in Cleveland, SheaMoisture in New Orleans, TBS in Washington, D.C., Under Armor in Charlotte, and the University of Idaho in Washington & Idaho.

“Projection Out-of-Home advertising requires limited creative resources and is a cost-effective, dynamic channel brands can deploy to reach audiences at scale,” said Anthony Petrillo, chief revenue officer at Pearl Media, “It can be secured relatively quickly, reach markets with limited media inventory and target specific events or neighborhoods making for truly hyper-local and effective messaging,” added Petrillo.

With its size and element of surprise, projection advertising is a D/OOH format well suited for brands looking to make a big impact, be extremely targeted and leave a lasting impression.