Pexip Adds Google Meet


If you’ve already been using Google Meet, you know that it’s difficult to find SIP join information on Google Meet meeting invitations as the join information was hidden away under “More joining options.”

Pexip added a simpler way to join Google Meet calls by giving admins the option to automatically add SIP join information to new meetings in a more visible location under the “join by phone” option.

How does this work for Pexip Customers?

For new Pexip customers:

  • This new higher visibility of SIP joining information will be the default recommendation for all new Pexip customers.
  • If you’re using Pexip with a third-party calendar service, you will be able to join Google Meet video calls with just one click from the device.
  • If you’re using Pexip with Google Calendar, SIP meeting codes will automatically be added to new Calendar events.

For existing Pexip customers:

  • These features will be turned off by default. To activate, reach out to your Pexip partner to make the necessary changes.
  • It is important to note that you must be using your own calling domain e.g. addresses in the style or your own subdomain on e.g. addresses in the style

Here’s a complete configuration guide:

Already using the shared domain ( and want to start using your own domain/subdomain, go here: