Podcast: Christmas Special Best Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies & TV Shows of the Year 2020

This week we round-up our favourite AV and Hi-Fi kit and technologies, look back at the best movies, TV Shows and 4K discs of the year and look forward to what we might see in 2021. Presented by Phil Hinton with Steve Withers, Ed Selley, Cas Harlow, Mark Botwright and Tom Davies.
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Your donations help us to improve the website and publish more editorial and videos. 00:00:00 – Start
00:00:22 – Welcome
00:08:30 – Notices. When we're back after Xmas
00:09:20 – Catching up with what everyone's been up to
00:26:54 – Competitions. Thousands of pounds worth of prizes
00:30:34 – Live giveaway of Ghostbusters 1&2 Blu-ray
00:35:30 – Best products of the year – NAD T 778 AV receiver
00:37:28 – Best products of the year – Panasonic HZ2000 OLED TV
00:39:50 – Best products of the year – Kudos Titan 505 Hi-Fi speaker
00:41:10 – Best products of the year – Rega IO stereo amplifier
00:42:20 – Best products of the year – JVC DLA-N7 4K projector
00:50:00 – Projector screen discussion
00:55:40 – Best products of the year – Manhattan T3-R PVR
00:57:17 – Which ultra short throw projector?
00:59:27 – CES 2021 – what to expect
01:02:09 – Best album and vinyl of the year
01:12:24 – Best games of the year
01:22:30 – Best movies of the year
01:35:20 – Best TV shows of the year & the Mandy update
01:50:15 – Best 4K Blu-rays of the year
01:56:20 – Best Christmas movies
02:08:11 – What movies & TV to look forward to in 2021
02:15:30 – What's coming to Disney+
02:24:44 – Marvel universe titles coming
02:28:22 – News about the podcast
02:28:27 – Podcast competition
02:30:18 – Mark's last word
02:32:20 – Thanks, Merry Christmas and goodbyes Podcast archive: https://www.avforums.com/forums/podcasts.264/ Visit us at https://www.avforums.com
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