Podcast: PS5 vs Xbox Series X – which is best? Plus Home Cinema, Film & TV News, Reviews & more…

This week we look at the next-gen gaming consoles with Rik Henderson as he gives us his AV verdicts on the Xbox Series X and PS5. Plus, Steve reviews the Samsung LSP9T Ultra-Short-Throw 4K Laser Projector and Ed looks at the JBL HDI 1600 speakers. We also have album of the week as well as film and TV reviews and news from Tom. Support us with regular donations via our Patreon campaign at https://www.patreon.com/avforums. Or make a one-off donation at https://www.streamlabs.com/avforums.
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00:00:26 – Welcome
00:04:03 – Introducing Rik Henderson. Veteran AV journalist
00:04:55 – Rik's memories of Games Master and Games World
00:07:50 – What's best? Standing up or lying down?
00:09:34 – What have you been up to, Ed? Heat shields
00:12:04 – What have you been up to, Mark? Pointing
00:13:30 – What have you bgeen up to, Tom? Xmas jumpers
00:16:24 – What have you been up to, Steve? US Election. The Vow
00:18:47 – What have you been up to, Phil? Missing Mustang
00:22:10 – Competitions
00:25:55 – JBL HDI-1600 hi-fi speaker review
00:31:35 – Samsung LSP9T short throw projector review
00:39:29 – Xbox Series X review
00:57:17 – PS5 review
01:06:09 – Which to get? PS5 or Xbox Series X?
01:13:38 – Dual Sense controller discussion
01:18:27 – Ed's album of the week. Tunng Presents…DEAD CLUB
01:21:00 – King of New York Blu-ray movie review
01:22:40 – The Liberator (Netflix) TV show review
01:29:00 – Reflections on being a veteran gamer
01:31:17 – Tenet is coming out on Blu-ray
01:32:02 – Remember HD-DVD? Remember CES?
01:34:40 – TV recommendations. Not Discovery. Taskmaster. NFL. WWE. Ozark
01:44:53 – The Right Stuff (Disney+)
01:47:10 – Children of Dune Blu-ray
01:50:28 – Tom's thumbs
01:51:34 – Podcast competition
01:52:25 – Thanks and goodbyes Podcast archive: https://www.avforums.com/forums/podcasts.264/ Visit us at https://www.avforums.com
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