Podcast: The AVForums Virtual Bubble Special Edition

This week the AVForums podcast makes an unscheduled return as Christmas is locked down the UK, so we’re back to talk all things AV, TV, Tech, Film, streaming and more, plus we’ll answer your questions and there will be live prize giveaways for those who join us live on the night within the chat window. 00:00:00 – Start
00:00:23 – Welcome
00:05:05 – Introducing Greg
00:07:40 – Catching up. What we've done over Xmas
00:21:47 – Comments
00:25:00 – Competitions
00:29:55 – CES and what we're doing
00:32:30 – Greg's favourite tech of 2020
00:41:37 – Phil's unexpected delivery. Arcam boxes
00:47:09 – Ed's Xmas extravoganza. £24,720 worth of kit
00:50:00 – What is the biggest single upgrade you made to your system?
01:17:20 – Live competitions
01:19:45 – Album of the month
01:24:00 – Live competition
01:24:44 – Movie & TV show reviews. Wonder Woman 1984. Soul
01:32:32 – The podcast is changing. Your feedback invited
01:36:53 – TV recommendations
01:53:23 – Live competitions & Q&A
02:00:29 – Thanks and goodbyes Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Cas Harlow, Mark Botwright and Greg Hook. Join the discussion about this podcast. Share your comments here: https://www.avforums.com/threads/podcast-the-avforums-virtual-bubble-special-edition-27-12-20.2334465/ Try your luck and enter all our competitions: https://www.avforums.com/competitions/ Support us with regular donations via our Patreon campaign at https://www.patreon.com/avforums. Or make a one-off donation at https://www.streamlabs.com/avforums.
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