Poland Independence Day Celebrated With PROLIGHTS

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“A tribute to independence”, an event celebrating Polish Independence Day, took place this November at St Bridget’s Church in Gdańsk, Poland. The event included performances of several well-known Polish artists – following COVID-19 guidelines, the event was only broadcast for TV and online viewers.

Polish event supplier Grupa Profit was responsible for the lighting, and part of their moving-light package included twenty Prolights LUMA 1500 (with SH and SP modules), and eight Sunblast 3000FC LED strobe and blinder fixtures. “We decided to use 12 Luma 1500SHfixtures with the framing shutter module as front lighting for artists, and 8 Luma 1500SP with the animation module (SP) to fill the sides of the church and complete the scenery with animations and amazing gobos, displayed on the ceiling,” said Konrad Ingielewicz, Technical Director at Grupa Profit. He added: “We chose them for their great colour spectrum, smooth dimming (necessary for television broadcast), very quiet operation and very high-power output with low-power consumption.”

Four units of Sunblast 3000FC were placed behind the artists (in the preacher’s lectern area) to highlight the unique altar. “Due to their extremely high-power output, they also excelled at illuminating the ceiling, which was one of the focal points for the camera. Other four units were strategically placed on the sides of the church, for achieving the perfect architecture illumination,” Konrad added.

When asked about his choice of moving-lights, Konrad said: “Our team is very proud to use Prolights fixtures. The Luma 1500 is our ‘weapon of choice’ for most events, even the smaller ones where power consumption is often a concern. They are, without a doubt, the best front and spot lighting unit. Another reason we choose Prolights equipment is the perfect customer service by the Polish distributor – Show Design.”