Rants and rAVes — Episode 1032: Learn How Jupiter Systems’ PANA Is Bringing the Hollywood Display Format to UCC

rants raves 1032

It’s no secret that within Rants & rAVes, I focus a lot on new products and new technologies. Without them, I’d have nothing to rAVe about! It makes sense that Jupiter Systems is featured on this episode because the company entered a new display category in November with its 21:9 aspect ratio UCC display — called PANA.

Justin Shong, VP of sales and marketing and GM at Jupiter Systems, joined me this time to discuss the PANA line and introduce some brand-new updates to it (plus a touch version!). By the way, we’re talking 5K here — so when this comes to a conferencing space near you, the experience is going to be next-level.

That’s not all Jupiter has up its sleeves — watch the videocast to find out more about what the company will be up to in 2021.

For more information about the PANA line, you can also join Jupiter’s webinar on Jan. 27!