Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date, price, design, leaks and news

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro could be the Korean tech giant’s most exciting wireless earbuds yet. They’re tipped to launch as early as January, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone and look set to be yet another rival for the Apple AirPods Pro.

Samsung didn’t invent true wireless earbuds but it has released three Galaxy models so far, with mixed results. The original Galaxy Buds scored just two stars in our review, while the Buds Plus and Buds Live brought only marginal improvements, notching up three stars apiece.

With competition increasingly fierce, Samsung will need to up its game if the Galaxy Buds Pro are to match up to stellar offerings from the likes of Sony, Cambridge Audio, Sennheiser and Bose.

Rumour has it the next-gen Galaxy Buds will combine the best bits of previous generations with a new design and smarter noise-cancelling. But how will they fare against the Apple AirPods Pro? When will Samsung release them? And how much will they cost? 

Read on as we look at all the most credible leaks and rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro…

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date, price, design, leaks and news

(Image credit: Voice / @EVLeaks / Evan Blass)

Reputable leaker Evan Blass recently shared details of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and says he expects them to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 handset at Samsung Unpacked on 14th January.

Samsung is yet to confirmed the date of Unpacked, but one of the largest Samsung stores in India has already let the cat out of the bag, confirming that the S21 will launch on the 14th January. 

That ties in with an earlier tweet, posted by noted leaker Jon Prosser, that claimed the S21 would be unveiled on the 14th January and ship on the 29th.

You might also remember that Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Buds Plus alongside the Galaxy S20 phone back in January 2020. A repeat performance now seems odds-on, with the Galaxy Buds Pro set to share a stage with the firm’s next Android flagship phone.

Some analysts have predicted even earlier launch dates, based on the belief that tech firms will launch their 2021 product lines earlier than usual to make up for lost time and beat the supply chain bottlenecks caused by Covid.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Price

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date, price, design, leaks and news

(Image credit: Samsung)

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are expected to be the successors to the Galaxy Buds Plus that launched with the Galaxy S20 phone, rather than replacements for the more recent Galaxy Buds Live (pictured above).

According to tech tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks), buyers can “expect the Galaxy Buds Pro to be sold alongside the (likely price-reduced) previous models.” Samsung is also expected to undercut the £249 ($249 AU$399) AirPods Pro. So, while there’s no official Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro price at this time, the leaks provide a few clues.

Here’s how the Galaxy Buds range could shape up in 2021: 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: £129 / $129 / AU$229

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: £149 / $149 / AU$249 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: £199 / $199 / AU$349

Thinking of splashing out on the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone? There’s talk of Samsung offering the Galaxy Buds Pro as a pre-order incentive for the S21, as it did when it gave away the Buds Plus with its S20 handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date, price, design, leaks and news

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

Could this be our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? The render pictured above – posted by credible leaker Evan Blass – claims to show Samsung’s next-gen true wireless buds. 

Assuming it’s legit, it reveals a design that bares more than a passing resemblance to the 2020 Galaxy Buds Plus, complete with sleek round exterior. Samsung seems to have done away with the fins, and the finish appears to be gloss rather than matt. 

The render also reveals that each bud will have large grilles to accommodate external mics, which would seem to add further weight to SamMobile‘s assertion that the Galaxy Buds Pro will boast active noise-cancelling.

As for that fetching shade of purple, it appears to be the very same “Phantom Violet” spotted in the recently-leaked teaser videos of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Blass also posted a render of the Buds Pro in silver and on the 10th December, he tweeted a third colourway – “Phantom Black”.  

Disappointed that Samsung hasn’t stuck with the bean-shaped design of the Buds Live? There’s every chance Samsung could launch the Galaxy Buds Live 2 next year…

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Features

Apple AirPods 3: price, design, release date, leaks, rumours and news

(Image credit: Future)

The Galaxy Buds Live were Samsung’s first headphones with active noise-cancelling, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be the second to boast that feature. And with a bit of luck, the noise-cancelling will prove more effective than what the Buds Live offered. We felt it was a little too subtle and they didn’t really isolate you from the outside world like some rivals do.

According to SamMobile, the Buds Pro will offer “richer” sound and “better noise-cancellation” with the aim of matching the Apple AirPods Pro. The same sources claim that Samsung’s Ambient listening mode, which filters in some background noise, will be “better than it’s ever been”. 

The new buds are also tipped for a beefier battery. They’ve already been spotted passing through the FCC approval process, where their 500mAh charging case was revealed. 

For comparison, the noise-canceling Galaxy Buds Live come with a similar-shaped charging case that packs a 472 mAh battery, extending their playback time by up to 15 hours with noise-cancelling on. Given you can get more than 24 hours of listening time out from the AirPods Pro, it makes sense for Samsung to give the Buds Pro a battery boost.

Greater water resistance could also be on the cards. Whereas the 2020 Buds Plus are rated IPX2, the 2021 Buds Pro could sport an IPX4 rating, giving them added all-weather durability. Fingers crossed.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Name

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: release date, price, design, leaks and news

(Image credit: Voice / @EVLeaks / Evan Blass)

The Galaxy Buds Pro were initially tipped to be named the Galaxy Buds Beyond. The rumour started back in October, when 9to5Google spotted that Samsung had registered a new trademark for ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’. 

However, regulatory filings in the United States, South Korea and Indonesia all point to the name Galaxy Buds Pro. And with only weeks to ago until the buds are set to launch, we’d say the name is pretty much set in stone.

It’s now thought ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’ could be the moniker for the rumoured Galaxy Buds Live 2, although that’s nothing more than speculation at the minute.

Chances are, you won’t have to wait much longer to find out. With January fast-approaching, we should hear more about the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy S21 Android phone in the build up to Samsung Unpacked on 14th January.

Bookmark this page and we’ll keep you up to date with the most reputable leaks news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.


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