Sony says the PS5 will get DVR support this year – but there’s a catch

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will soon double up as a Digital Video Recorder – but only in Japan (via TheVerge). 

Later this year, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to buy a new version of the Nasne DVR peripheral, which features both terrestrial and satellite TV tuners. When combined with the Torne app, it will pull in live TV streams for viewing on your PS5 or mobile device.

Sony first announced the Japan-only Nasne – a standalone home entertainment hub with a 500GB HDD for the PS3 and PS Vita – back in 2012. It went on to support the PS4 for a while before dying out.

Fast forward to 2021 and it seems to have been resurrected by electronics maker Buffalo. The 2021 Nasne boasts 2TB of storage but can support up to 6TB – enough for 250 4K movies – if you add an external hard drive.

Sony says the PS5 will get DVR support this year – but there's a catch

(Image credit: Sony / SIE / Buffalo)

If you want to access your recordings on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you’ll need the latest version of the Torne app, which debuted back in 2010. According to the Sony Japan press release, “the viewing image quality of the iPhone / iPad TV app Torne [app] has been improved from the SIE Nasne to achieve HD image quality (720p).”

Gamers in Japan can grab the new Nasne “toward the ends of the 2021 sales season.” It’s available to pre-order through Amazon Japan, priced at 29,800 yen (around £200/$275/AU$350). 

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