The Best Amazon, Disney+, Sky & NowTV Movies and TV Shows Coming in November 2020. Tom’s Thumbs.

AVForums movie reviewer Tom Davies previews the most promising and notable movies and TV shows coming to Amazon Prime video, Disney+ and Sky/NowTV in November 2020. Support us with regular donations via our Patreon campaign at Or make a one-off donation at
Your donations help us to improve the website and publish more editorial and videos. 00:00:00 – Welcome
00:00:28 – Wayne TV Series (Amazon Prime)
00:01:26 – Uncle Frank Movie (Amazon Prime)
00:02:45 – Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Movie (Disney+)
00:03:30 – Black Beauty Movie (Disney+)
00:04:42 – Documentaries (Disney+)
00:05:50 – The Good Lord Bird TV Series (Sky/NowTV)
00:06:40 – The Vow TV Series (Sky/NowTV)
00:08:00 – Ash Is Purest White Movie (Sky/NowTV)
00:09:07 – Doctor Sleep Movie (Sky/NowTV)
00:09:57 – Everything else You can read a comprehensive list of notable releases in November at Amazon Prime:
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