The best Apple AirPods Pro deals 2021

The Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds are Apple’s latest and greatest AirPods, and they perform brilliantly, offer a comfy fit and boast excellent noise-cancelling tech.  There may be some new, cheaper AirPods on the way, but we think the AirPods Pro will remain Apple’s premium wireless earbuds of choice for a while.

Being premium, they don’t come cheap but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a big discount. To help you save a fistful of dollars, we’ve listed the best Apple AirPods Pro deals below…

As you’d expect from Apple, the sweat-resistant AirPod Pros are a joy to use and offer plenty of cutting-edge tech. Such as? Excellent noise-cancelling, with a transparency mode for safe use in built-up areas – this can let some sound in, so you can hear approaching cars, for example.

When listening to music, the audio quality is superb. We found they offer a clean, neutral sound with balanced bass and good dynamics.

Apple’s H1 chip means the Pros support Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, who can also be activated by a pinch. Battery life is around 4.5 hours but the included case doubles as a portable charger, stretching that figure to an impressive 24 hours. It’s yet another reason to buy these extremely well-made and usable headphones.


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