The Copenhagen-based Insurance Company LB Forsikring Chooses dnp Supernova Infinity for Their Newly Renovated Auditorium

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The Copenhagen-based insurance company LB Forsikring has many meeting spaces in their beautiful building in the heart of Copenhagen, including an auditorium with room for more than 150 people. Recently the company decided to upgrade the auditorium’s old AV system and turned to Danish AV specialists Ricoh Danmark for advice.

LB Forsikring was looking for a clean, aesthetic solution that could deliver high-quality images and good display readability from anywhere in the room – even with bright sunlight coming in through the windows. Moreover, the solution should include options for live streaming of content to other departments in the building. Last but not least, the solution had to come at a cost-effective price. Ricoh Danmark Market Manager, Michael Hansen was given the task to come up with the right solution.

An aesthetic and cost-effective solution

“I have used dnp Supernova Screens in many installations before, and they never let me down – even in situations with high ambient light. Supernova provides a much better contrast than a traditional white screen”, says Ricoh Danmark Market Manager, Michael Hansen.

“For this specific room, I selected the Supernova Infinity UST 160, which provides a high level of contrast and high readability and natural colors in the images. I recommended a projector with an Ultra Wide Angle lens that could be hidden in the ceiling. This makes it possible for presenters to stand in front of the screen without blocking the projected image and casting shadows on the screen.”

Live streaming throughout the whole building

An extension pack with network functions for both audio and video streaming makes it possible to participate in presentations from the auditorium from other departments in the building. The system is operated with a Creston touch system.

“We’re very happy with the new installation. It’s an aesthetic and functional solution that fits really well with the room and allows us to stream to other parts of the house. It is very easy to use and requires almost no maintenance”, said Steen Jørgensen, Service employee, LB Forsikring.