Viking Electronics Adds Door Entry Speaker Phone

viking electronics door entry speaker phone

The Viking E-10-WHA is a telephone line powered speaker phone designed to provide quick and reliable two-way hands-free communication. When the “Call” button is pressed, the E-10-WHA will come off-hook and will remain off-hook allowing personnel to identify who is at the speaker phone. For additional security, the E-10-WHA will automatically answer inbound calls for personnel to silently monitor the area.

End the call by simply pressing the “Call” button again or hanging up the called phone. Built-in call progress detection prevents the E-10-WHA from remaining off-hook and tying up the phone line or extension. A programmable call length timeout, busy signal detectio, and silence timeout ensure the E-10-WHA is ready for the next user.

The E-10-WHA can be connected directly to a CO line or analog PABX/KSU station that is programmed as a ring-down circuit or use with a stand alone ring-down circuit such as Viking’s DLE-200B. The E-10-WHA can also be used with a Viking dialer and is compatible with many of Viking’s Door Entry Controllers.

The E-10-WHA is designed for indoor use. For outdoor applications, use model E-10-WHA-EWP which includes Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP).