Worship Streaming Shows No Sign of Slowing Down


worship summit live 5

By Paul Richards

Following a socially distanced holiday season, houses of worship are continuing to look to AV professionals for the best tools to create livestreams or recorded videos of their worship services for the benefit of those viewing remotely. As the pandemic continues and these formerly in-person services continue to be modified for safety reasons, our team remains focused on educating professional integrators on the best practices for this important market.

Regarding an uncertain future, John Dobbs, minister for the Forsythe Church of Christ in Monroe, Louisiana, told the Christian Chronicle: “Some people will never come back to church. They’ll just watch online.” In the same article Jay Hawkins, minister for the Caldwell Church of Christ in Idaho, stated: “During the pandemic some will have inevitably found that while they didn’t go to Sunday worship, life was survivable, and they have even decided they are thriving.”

While we all hope and pray this is the last pandemic to take place in our lifetimes, adapting and acquiring skills for this reality has become essential. Our support team is taking questions, and our social media communities are filled with those eager to learn. To continue the momentum we began in 2020, PTZOptics will host Worship Summit Live 5, Thursday, Feb. 11, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The half-day, virtual event will be tailored to the technical aspects of creating an engaging recorded or live worship experience. Innovative worship leaders have been asked to present on a variety of topics to help share their best practices for community engagement and technical implementation. John Roberts, for example, is a volunteer at Trinity United Church in North Bay, Ontario. He will be sharing how his church uses OBS, a popular livestreaming software to optimize their video production workflow for Sunday services. Allan Bunt, a volunteer at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, will be joining again this year. Bunt has a livestreaming system that features five PTZOptics cameras. During his live presentation, the Worship Summit audience will get a chance to see these PTZOptics 30X cameras perform in a large worship space environment.

This free, quarterly event will feature church production and technology experts who will demonstrate the latest hardware and software tools to create professionally livestreamed and recorded services. Registered attendees can view technical sessions virtually at Worship Summit Live for free, as well as access a separate networking and collaboration meeting via Zoom for just $5. Those registered will have a chance to win a HuddleCamHD Pro IP webcam, valued at $549.

After four popular educational sessions in 2020, the Worship Summit Live 5 speakers will hone in on those critical, technical topics, including a close look at the latest tools for online worship, how worship volunteers can use Open Broadcaster Software and ways that anyone can provide services with worship music, even non-musicians. Areas covered will include video resolution and how bit and frame rates affect the quality of livestreams. Jake Gosselin, creator of Churchfront and Seth Haberman, known as the Digital Pastor, will be among the day’s speakers sharing their worship streaming tips. Ariel Viera, known as “Urbanist,” will be back to lead a special livestreamed tour from New York City. The paid Zoom session will serve as a personalized networking opportunity for those interested in asking questions of fellow worship streamers or some of the Summit’s presenters.

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Worship streaming — like all other forms of livestreaming — is likely here to stay. The instructional technologies these speakers teach during Worship Summit Live should continue to guide attendees whether worship gatherings are remote, in-person or exist in a hybrid format. We hope you’ll consider joining us. For more worship streaming tips, download a free copy of my book, “Helping Your Church Live Stream,” at https://ptzoptics.com/church-book/.